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3 Growth Hormone Tricks To Naturally Elevate GH For Faster Fat Loss

Fat Loss

If you are frustrated with trying to boost your strength and lose weight, and dieting and exercise just isn’t cutting it, then it might be time to explore other options. But exploring other options doesn’t mean relying on dangerous injections or expensive and unnecessary treatments.

In fact, today’s “fast fat loss” and anti-aging method that is all the rage today is the human growth hormone (GH). Boosting your GH levels has been proven to provide numerous health benefits, including anti-aging effects and burning fat and faster.

Many individuals, such as celebrities and others with money have begun getting HGH injections to help them boost their GH levels for faster results. However, these injections are not only costly, and even illegal, they are also dangerous…

Quick Fact - By Age 80, HGH Production Reduces By 95%

However, there are a few simple things you can do to naturally boost your growth hormone, or “GH” to not only help you to lose weight but to even help you to look and feel younger.

Here are the top three ways to naturally, safely, and effectively boost your GH levels—starting today.



If you are trying to lose weight, then you probably have already heard that it’s important to avoid eating, right before going to bed.In fact, many health care providers and weight loss experts will advise not eating within two hours of bedtime.

Why? This is because insulin levels spike after consuming a meal.

Of course, depending on the combination and portion of the meal will depend on how high insulin levels spike and for how long, however, insulin levels will slowly decrease after two to three hours after finishing a meal.

If you choose to go to bed shortly after finishing a meal, this will actually block the brain from releasing GH. Additionally, this can also promote extra fat storage.


High Intensity Exercise

When engaging in intense exercise in a “fasted” state, glycogen levels are typically lower, which is essentially energy that is stored in muscle tissue and even in the liver.

For example, a time of “fasting” could be after a full night’s sleep. If an individual engages in a high-intensity workout the next morning before eating, then burning fat becomes easier and the rate at which fat is burned is higher.

This also maximizes the GH release. Visit this site here to read more about fasting prior to exercise, and how this tactic can help to increase nutrient uptake and absorption.


Intermittent Fasting

Intermittent fasting can be approached in several different ways. One example can be to “eat stop eat” one day out of the week, and then fast for approximately 12 hours the next day.

For example, individuals could eat a meal at 7:00pm one evening, and then not eat again until 7:00pm the following evening, giving the body a full 24 hours of “fasting”.

Another option is to consume small meals and portions of high-protein foods and healthy fats throughout an 8-hour period and then engage in “intermittent fasting” in between.While both of these methods seem unhealthy, this approach signals the “fight or flight” response in the body, which boosts GH levels.

In turn, this response can aid in burning more fat faster.All in all, intermittent fasting is recommended several times per week in order to see desired results, faster.

Read this study here to learn more about how fasting increases the release of chemicals, which can help naturally increase the resting metabolic rate.

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In summary, it has been proven that these approaches to boosting GH levels naturally are not only effective, but they are also tied to faster fat burning and weight loss.

From intermittent fasting to engaging in regular, high-intensity exercise and training, individuals have the power to boost their own GH levels, simply by altering their diets and boosting their physical activity, training, and exercise.

Check out this site here to review a study which shows that fasted training is more potent and more effective in improving glucose tolerance, boosting insulin level sensitivity, and aiding in muscle growth. Consuming fat-rich diets is also crucial in boosting GH levels.